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Multi Dimensional Wellness offers a variety of classes in Reiki and other energy work. From beginner to master we have a class that will help you on your journey.

What is Reiki?

Reiki comes from the Japanese words “Rei” which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and “Ki” which means life force energy”, so Reiki refers to working with your life force energy.  


When our life force energies are low then we are more likely to be more fatigued a stressed. Reiki can help relieve this stress by boosting your life force energy.

Reiki is a safe and natural method that has been used for centuries to aide is spiritual growth and self-improvement. It promotes living in harmony within yourself and the environment around you.

Our classes are designed for everyone from beginner to advanced, browse our classes below to find the right one for you. 

Reiki Refresher Class - ALL Levels

$175.00 plus tax per person

Reawaken your passion for Reiki through Re Empowerment:

Bring back the Remembrance of when you were guided to take a Reiki Class in the first place. Receive another Empowerment Attunement, give and receive a FULL Reiki treatment and leave the class EMPOWERED.

Class includes a Bonus Attunement Activation and a Quick Reference Guide Booklet.

“New” Reiki Level One

$175.00 plus tax per person

Activation & Empowerment of the Reiki energies in your life – this class is the “Basic Starting Point” – cost effective and a practical way to “get started”. Receive the Activation Attunement and learn the practical application of working with Reiki energy - learn the importance of “Grounding” and “Setting Intention”. A Reiki Practitioner Certificate is issued upon completion.

Reiki Level One/Two

$350.00 plus tax per person

If you already have Level One - $250.00 plus gst per person.
Reiki activates the ability to channel spiritually guided life force energy. Once activated enhanced intuitive abilities become even more pronounced. Self-love and self-care continue to be a priority as your connection to your Higher Self is activated even further. A Reiki Practitioner Certificate is given upon completion and an invitation to regularly scheduled Reiki Practice Circles and ongoing support from the Teacher as well.

Reiki Master Class/Level Three

$525.00 plus tax per person

Taking your Master Class is not for the Faint of Heart – it demands a further commitment to Self – Mastery. In this class, you will receive the Usui Master Symbol Reiki Activation Attunement that enhances your Reiki skills and commitment to Self-Mastery. There is definitely a jump in your personal vibration – which is will set the tone for your next Reiki skill set – using your intuition and discernment while learning and practicing Energetic Clearing during a Reiki treatment…Wait there is MORE – you will also learn to do the Reiki Healing Attunement. You truly will never be the same once you integrate this class. A Reiki Master certificate is issued upon completion of this class.

Reiki Master Teacher

$850.00 plus tax per person

Whether you intend to teach Reiki or attend this class for the “Vibrational Shift” alone – Teachers are worth it. There is definitely a sense of accomplishment at this level. There are further Activation Attunements and finally, you will learn how to Initiate, Activate and Empower others to Reiki. After this class you will work closely with your Reiki teacher to develop your own Reiki Class through co-teaching a class and/or Reiki Practice Circles – this phase does not last long and before you know it you are developing your own Reiki class. Ongoing support and mentoring is always available from your Reiki Teacher a no extra cost. A Reiki Master Teacher Certificate is issued completion. Master Teachers are always encouraged to start a Reiki Practice Circle to build Community amongst their students.

Understanding & Working with Your Energy Field - Empowerment Class

$200.00 plus tax per person 


In this class the student gets introduced to "Everything is Energy" and the concept of looking at Situations and Circumstances through that Lense - Understanding & Setting Healthy Boundaries are covered as well in this Class. Excellent for Individuals who are suffering from Co-Dependence Issues.


Group Pricing Available

*Coming Soon*

Everything is Energy Clearing and Transmutation Level One

Prerequisites needed to attend this class is must be able to Dowse using a pendulum, muscle testing or Intuition.

At this time this class is only available to those who already do similar work and want to add another dimension to their Clearing work - this is NOT for you if you have any doubts about working with energy or working with a Team or doing Remote Clearing work.

Level One will focus on setting up Sacred Space, Working with Your Personal Team in Spirit of Highest Light and Resonance and Clearing our own STUFF - Recognizing Triggers - Benefits of Clearing when Triggered. A commitment to Personal Integrity is so VERY important in this work - as in all Spiritual Work - the team we work with will call us on All Our STUFF that needs tweaking - so participants must be willing to actively work on what comes up for them using the tools presented in the workshop.

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