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1998 Finally Some Answers

It did not take long to start to getting some direction on my "Now What". A whole series of timely co-incidental encounters - that could not be denied - started to come out of the wood work. A friend of the family directed me to go have tea and a visit with a friend of a friend - who just happened to be a Reiki Teacher. I thought about it - prayed about it - seriously one does not need to be affiliated with a building to continue to pray for direction for one's life. We had a really nice visit and she extended an invitation to a Reiki Practice Circle. She assured me that I would know if I belonged there or not - that was refreshing - she was not even trying to recruit me to her team.

The day came to attend the practice circle and I was beside myself in nervous energy. I arrived early which is one of my personal traits. I begin to walk up the side walk towards the house and I smelt something that I thought was "pot". My heart sank - I decided - I would at least go in and tell the Teacher that this was not what I had signed up for. I knocked and she came to the door with a clam shell and a feather in her hand. The shell contained some leafy, grassy looking stuff all partially burned - still smouldering actually.

She said, "You are early", I was just getting our Sacred Space set up and setting prayers and intentions for all of the participants of tonight's "practice circle". I said a little sheepishly, "Oh Boy - I thought you were smoking pot" - she smiled, giggled and said, "pot is not a part of Reiki or anything that I am involved in " - "come in and find a seat in the living room - the rest of the practitioners will be here in a few minutes - I have some green tea made if you would like a cup before you find your seat". I was so grateful for her willingness to be open and honest with me.

The rest of the practitioners that arrived were just as open and honest and very willing to answer any questions or concerns that I came up with. To be honest - I was "already starting to relax and feel at home" and things only got better as the evening progressed. We opened the evening by "setting prayers and intentions for the Highest and Greatest Good of All who attended". I also remember that the teacher said that if groups with smaller numbers at their table's were finished early - to quietly join the other tables - so everyone would finish up and have a chance to visit and have snacks after the practice circle.

I was paired up with a couple ladies my own age, who took me under their wing for the evening. I expressed to the ladies that - I was nervous about not being a Reiki practitioner and that I had nothing to offer the participants at my designated massage table. The lady that was closet to my age said - "you would not be here Dear if you were not a Healer". I was very relieved to know that - I relaxed a little more - finally it was my turn to hop on the massage table and cover up to my neck and was told to "just relax and receive". Well, within a few minutes of relaxing on the table - I felt several pairs of hands join the two sets of hands that were on lightly placed on my ankles and my shoulders. I whispered to the lady at my head - with my eyes tightly closed - "did the other folks at the other tables finish early and join our table"? She leaned in and said "no its just Sally and I here". I said, "but I can feel a total of 7 pairs of hands on me". She leaned in again and said, "its just the guides Dear". I said - "but what if I don't believe in guides?" She replied, "you don't have to believe in guides dear - do you believe in Angels?". I said, "Yes". She said whatever you believe in or don't believe in is up to you - whatever or whomever you feel are here for you". My mind, darted back to those visitors who stood beside my bed so many years ago. Could it be the same visitors or perhaps some of those other visitors who I saw when I was fevered?

The Reiki treatment came to an end in about 20 minutes and those extra pairs of hands stayed until the ladies concluded the treatment with the final Blessing. The socializing and snacking could begin. I was made to feel very welcome and I had really interesting chats with several couples as well as a few singles. I realized that pretty much everyone that attended that practice circle that evening was from a different background - some main stream - some from more nature based belief system. Everyone got along - everyone felt validated and nobody was trying to tell me that I was wrong about anything. Bonus!!!

I decided on my own to sign up for the next available Reiki Level 1/2 class - that was to be taught in a couple weeks - that was in November 1998. I attended that class and had a "strong knowing" that I wanted to attain my Master Teacher Designation. I took to Reiki like 'duck to water" and audited the next four classes. I wanted to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what Reiki was all about. I have NEVER regretted my decision to walk into Reiki so completely. I achieved my Reiki Master Teacher designation in August 1999.

Below is what all the excitement is about - I still LOVE Reiki today as I did back then - I teach classes upon request.

What is Reiki

Reiki, pronounced (ray-key), is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and pain control that also promotes healing. Reiki is administered by “laying on of hands”, a practice that has been around for thousands of years.

Who Discovered Reiki

Reiki has been practiced in Tibet for centuries. But in 1914, Dr. Mikao Usui, of Japan, was credited with rediscovering Reiki after an extended time of prayer and fasting.

Reiki was introduced to the United States by Mrs. H. Takata , who was taught by Dr. C. Hayashi, one of Dr. Usui’s initiated teachers.

Is Reiki a Religion

Reiki is spiritual in nature but not a religion. There is nothing that you have to believe in, or belong to, in order to learn and use Reiki. As a matter of fact a common result of taking Reiki training is a deepening of one’s personal faith, whatever one’s spiritual affiliation or denomination.

A Complimentary Type of Treatment

Reiki can be used to treat every known illness and injury known to man or animal, because Reiki works in harmony with all types of traditional medical and holistic alternative type therapies.

* People are becoming more and more interested in trying and using other approaches to health care these days, because our health care systems have been going through major changes.

* Reiki is being used experimentally in some studies during open heart surgeries, in by pass and heart transplant surgeries.

* Results: No post- operative depression - Bypass patients are reporting no post -operative leg pain or leg weakness - Transplant patients are reporting no organ rejection.

* Other Illnesses treated successfully by Reiki include: chronic anxiety, chronic pain, muscule - skeletal injury, swelling and pain, headache, infection and asthma.

* Although still experimental or not recognized at all in some hospitals, clinics and insurance companies, many facilities across United States and in some provinces of Canada, are beginning to accept Reiki as a meaningful and cost effective way to improve patient care.

Is Special Equipment Needed to Do Reiki Treatments

Reiki can be administered anywhere and at any time without special equipment. The person receiving the treatment remains fully clothed . Reiki treatments can be administered as easily at your kitchen table, favorite chair, or at a hospital bedside. Professional practitioners do usually have and use portable massage tables and some will do hospital or house calls if asked.

Major Benefit of Learning Reiki - Self Treatment is Possible

Reiki is administered by the “laying on of hands” a practice that has been around for centuries. Anyone that has Reiki training can treat themselves as well as others, for the rest of their lives. You never outgrow or lose the ability to treat yourself and others. A great benefit for those that are caring for family members that have long term illnesses or for young mothers with small children or elderly individuals with health concerns.

I have never looked back to "main stream" and have embraced a "Spiritual" way of looking at life and living life. I have earned my Metaphysician designation and am passionate about helping others unravel mysteries in their lives and helping them heal trauma in their lives.

The only prerequisite for working with me is:

  • The one needing help - asks for help.

  • The one asking for help is ready, willing and able to help themselves. Meaning - there is lots of homework......

Stay tuned - Reiki was just a first step on my Journey to Wellness.......

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