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A Wake Up Call: The Universal Laws of the Spirit never stop!

Early in my awakening (just after taking my Level 1/2 Reiki) I bought a book entitled The Light Shall Set You Free by Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune - I was excited to dive into this book and learn about the Laws of the Universe and how they work surely and silently behind the scenes as we navigate our lives. What I was not prepared for was the dire warning I found printed in the book. This warning clearly stated - to be aware that I would be held accountable for the information that I was exposed to in this book.

What in the world did that mean?

It has been 20 plus years since I was initiated into a higher vibrational way of thinking, being and doing - am I "perfect" today - most definitely not - it is a disciplined work in progress. Do I slip periodically - guaranteed. Do I get back up and get moving again? Definitely - the quicker the better. One never gives the lower vibrations any room to grow - forward momentum is the BEST way to go.

Is the process tedious and exasperating at times - absolutely!

Once the scales fell off my eyes, ears and heart (Spiritual Awakening) - I could not put those scales back on. I have never been truly satisfied with the fake, phony and false way of life that is constantly being sold to the public via the media outlets and corporate and institutional jobs that I worked. I began to look at life from a totally different vantage point. I started to see, know and understand more and more every day. Once I consciously started to walk in my Divine Birth Right. I just can not return to that other way of life successfully.

What am I driving at here?

The Awakening of our Divine Birth Right - our Divine Nature - thru various ways and means (classes, meditation, personal tragedy) starts off with us getting really excited about this new found life and the revelations that we get when we are first initiated to path. We dive into learning about various subjects and become passionate about learning new ways of thinking, being and doing. We continually feed ourselves and grow and find a lot of joy, peace and synchronicity in our lives. There is REAL and tangible changes.

Then one day - something happens that stops or detours that growth spurt (a death in the family, getting married, the birth of our children or a new job). We have an opportunity at this point to slowly get away from our devoted study time (where we diligently fed our divine nature).

At this point - if we stop feeding our divine nature or feed it in fits and starts - the next phase kicks in. I just call it a Wake Up call of sorts. Things start to go sideways our joy can disappear and synchronicity often becomes really scarce or disappears completely.

The next phase which can last as long as a single day to years. Falling off the path and trying to go back to that old life. It may start i with a social drink that graduates to hanging out with the old crowd. We often have quit reading and taking classes and generally have stopped feeding our Divine Nature.

We can and often do begin to fall back into a VERY Dissatisfied place were we remember many of the teachings and awakenings but we lose command of that level of knowing and enhanced personal power that we had at one time.

Now let me remind you right here that we are actually MASTER CREATOR BEINGS that create with our thoughts, feelings and High EMOTION. The more emotion that is projected the faster the creation appears.

So the once high positive vibration - Creator being - has now shifted gears and starts to Create from a lower vibrating mental, emotional storm. This lower vibrating soup (of fear, anger, and frustration) quickly creates CRISIS/WAKE UP CALL.

The Laws of the Spirit never stop working and work in our lives positively or negatively which ever way we lean in our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The Law of Cause and Effect - The Law of Gravity as well as ALL the laws are sure and predictable and NEVER skip a beat and deliver consistent results in line with the effort and quality of VIBRATION in our thoughts, feelings and emotions we project into the Creative Energetic Soup - that exists around us.

I recommend that if this is a foreign concept that you find the documentary movie called the "Secret". It lays it out in very fine style and will hit home this point very clearly.

It was a HUGE wake up call for me at the time.

There are many other teachers as well that will help you understand this concept - Abraham Hicks is another resource and can be found on Youtube as well as a great selection of books - that can be found online or your local bookstore.

Question: Have you hit the wall - are things going crazy - are there circumstances and situations that crop up that just defy logic - are you in Crisis? We get to this place faster at times if there are Full Moons, Lunar or Solar Eclipse or planetary alignments that are called Retrograde. All these extra Catalyst assist the WAKE UP CALL. We can also find ourselves in this space if we have been hanging in toxic environments with toxic people.

Consider giving me a call to book a Basic Clearing (7 Layer Auric Field & 14 Chakra Clearing or the more Personalized Phase 1, 2 & 3 Clearings}. All of these clearings remove extra energies that no longer serve you, extra environmental energies that most likely are not even yours and can and will leap frog you into a place of Lighter Perspective physically, mentally and emotionally. The pricing for Clearings can be found under the Services tab on this website.

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