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"Wake Up Calls from the Universe"

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

This was in response to a FB - It Triggered a "Unique Perspectives Inspirational Moment": (credits) the wording on the post was "The Bravest thing I ever did was continue my when I wanted to die, and nobody really knows" the contributor for this post was Higher Perspectives and their article was entitled The Bravest Thing I Ever Did - 8 Signs You're a Strong Woman Who Stands Out From Everyone Else.....

I can remember there have been many times in my life I wanted to die and just leave this miserable existence behind me.

I know better now - because I look at life from a Unique Perspective which is a detached spiritual standpoint. I have come to believe we are here in Earth School to gather Life Lessons and we are also here to help each other out. I have learned that there are guidelines that are available for every situation and there is a "win win" situation available in every circumstance.

What I have come to understand - it is part of Life to Learn - we have Life Lessons - Life Lessons are on an Accelerated Cycle - they come back again and again as “wake up calls” - these calls seem to gain momentum each time they come round and actually can seem to bring a harsher outcome each time round. What actually starts with a tap on the shoulder can end up with the velocity of a knock out punch. I have come to realize in the last 20 years that "what doesn’t kill us - will actually make us stronger" - kind of sounds harsh but once we "get it" we find the courage to embrace the situation and look for the message fast. Life takes on a much different energy - "grace and ease and flow" become more common place.

What happens when we are unaware that the Universe is trying to get our attention - we can start to believe that "life is out to get us" - " if we didn't have bad luck we would not have any luck at all" any one of a number of negative self defeating theories. If we adopt a negative theory - then we often fall into victim hood, co dependence and addictions. What actually was a "wake up call" became the fuel for a "self destructive cycle".

Think about this for a few minutes! It all trickles down to the "Choices we Make" -

Learn to Read the Energy of any Given Situation:

If we take a moment to "step back and take a look at the Energy of any situation" - we clear away the emotions and have a better chance of getting important guidance from the part of ourselves that has a Higher connection. I happen to believe that we are born with at least one Personal Positive Helper that is there for us exclusively for life. I also believe that this unseen helper will communicate with us when asked. I have come to believe that "if we don't ask for HELP we don't get help" and that it our helpers will send signs and signals as well as words to get that HELP to us. Sometimes these signs and signals come in the form of a quiet voice, a dream, a song on the radio, words from a friend, acquaintance or co worker - that just "spoke to you". When we actually slow down long enough and receive the message from an non emotional stand point - it is much easier to get the Aaahhhaaaaa moment and move forward positively. Positive,Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions are the " jet fuel" to create a "new reality" and leave the old behind. Be Grateful - the "wake up calls" are still coming in - there is still hope!

What kinds of things do we get "wake up calls about": Co Dependence: Usually if we not looking after ourselves - can not say "NO" and feel like we are the only one in the crowd that can help in a situation or circumstance, we are over committed - are becoming emotionally drained, financially compromised and in general just giving away too much of ourselves - this is Co Dependence and this is just NOT Smart or Healthy and you REALLY NEED HELP. You will need to learn how to Define and Express Healthy Boundaries - Pronto!

"Physical Violence, Mental, Emotional & Sexual Abuse" is not Love and if this is your state of affairs - then - I urge you to find it in Yourself to Seek Help. Believe me - there has been wake up calls - Don't let those calls go to voice mail because of FEAR - There is Help Available. Here is some incentive to "seek help" those words, that truth, that is being stuffed down, all this just feeds sickness, both mental and physical sickness. This kind of abuse also fuels addictions as well. If you are keeping an abuser's "dirty little secret" then "STOP" - you are killing yourself slowly. If that abuser is someone in the family that we are supposed to "trust" such as a babysitter, aunt or uncle, parent, pastor - STOP and GET HELP !!!

Life is about our Choices - we can pass from this life Healthy & Happy or Bitter & Twisted - it is all in Our Choices!

There is no Free Ride in this Earth School - a Mentor or Teacher or Counselor will give Homework - Lots of it - we are expected to do the Homework when we ask for HELP - the Mentor is there for Validation, Information and to Encourage Self Discipline -The Mentor is NOT there to Deal with your Stuff or Learn your Lesson for you!

Wellness can be Attained and Maintained - it takes - Focus - Discipline and Strong Intention and Mentoring to get there but the Rewards are Awesome and Really Really Worth the Effort!

I AM my own BEST client for the Everything is Energy Clearing & Transmutation Modality - since I made a Commitment to Wellness in my own life - Wellness is my Only Focus and my Passion - I have a Passion for Helping those who are Committed to Helping Themselves 💜 Want more pep talks/ mentoring check out my Blog - Want tools for Wellness check out my Classes:

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