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Master Class - Initiation into Self Mastery - Not for the Faint of Heart ....

Updated: May 25, 2020

In today's blog I want to write about my experiences once I whole heatedly entered Reiki training. I was told by my teacher during my first class that I would get a Reiki guide - well I was a little skeptical but drawing from all the wild and wonderful "what the heck" moments in my life and that major experience of having seven sets of hands on my body during my first Reiki treatment - I thought "bring it on" maybe my life will start to make some sense. I was pretty naive thinking that this was going to be a cake walk......

I notice right away that I was able to sense more energy moving within myself and my energy field around my body - especially in my hands when I placed them near or upon a fellow student in a practice circle.
I had a particularly interesting experience when I was on a trip - I entered a fast food restaurant and immediately my hands "lit up" as in I could feel Reiki energy flow in thru the top of my head and out thru my hands - my palms were pulsing and flowing energy into the room like I never felt it before. This was "new" and just for kicks - I put a question out there to my Reiki guide to see if I would actually get an answer. I have to to say - immediately I felt an answer coming in and it stated the following: "you set the intention during your Reiki training that you would never formally turn the flow of Reiki off - this is a manifestation of someone or something that is calling out for help".

The next thing I noticed - I am not sure if I liked it at the time or not but - I noticed changes in my body and in my emotions. I immediately realized that could no longer enjoy more than one adult beverage at a wedding or BBQ. In comparison to my main stream days - I had no issues overdoing it in the adult beverage department or raging like a wet hen.

The best side effect was I seemed to be feeling more "peaceful and loving towards others and myself " - that was HUGE.....

I can not go any further without disclosing that after every time I received an attunement to Reiki (I took my Level 1/2 Reiki class 5 times total) I would get major headaches, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea - I would slip in the door and go directly to bed.(This is the body's way of dealing with higher vibrations that enter the body and immediately starts to purge out toxins) My husband bless his heart - finally figured out that if I said I had a Reiki audit class I was taking on the weekend that meant that he was cooking supper and leaving me alone. I was so lucky to be married to a saint.

Because I "knew on a very deep level" that I would teach Reiki to others - I was drawn to audit Level 1/2 Reiki - five times while my family an friends took there first Level 1/2 training. I thought - I have to know my stuff and I am so pleased that I took the time to train so obsessively - it definitely prepared me for when I actually achieved my Master Teacher designation. It only partially prepared me for Master class.

During the time that I entered Reiki training - there were two schools of thought around who could take Reiki training, how much was taught in each class and the BIG question - how much to charge for actual Reiki training.

The one school was so strict and rigid that many a sincere student was actually thrown out of their Level 1 training (no refunds either) because they could not draw their Level 1 symbols EXACTLY as the illustration. Many others were turned away because they could not come up with the thousands of dollars for the training.

Thus, (thank goodness) a second Reiki school was formed by those who had a deep soul calling to teach Reiki to the masses for a reasonable fee. These dedicated souls felt that Reiki was a Spiritual calling and not an elite social club or a get rich quick scheme....

I was so pleased that I had been called to work with the ones that felt it was a Spiritual calling and that I had access to reasonably priced classes. However; during this transition phase the definitions were a little muddy and all the literature that I read seem to indicate that Reiki Masters was indeed Reiki Master teacher designation. I had been saving my money and doing my due diligence in my studies and attended pretty well every Reiki practice circle that was hosted for months. It was time to approach my Teacher on registering for my Master (Teacher?) class. My teacher agreed to admit me to Masters level and agreed that my due diligence was outstanding. I registered, set the date and I was PUMPED.

Master Class - Self Mastery Class - would be a better description. The Universe has a heck of a sense of humor and has no problem calling us on our "STUFF"......
There were two Master class students - dealing with the same issue - residual fear of anything to do with the main stream hard core church versus nature religion.

I had left the main stream school of thought that was fearful and persecuted anyone that identified themselves as a witch of any kind. My counter part had grown up in a remote settlement that was predominantly one religion - that communities stance was that if you did not whole-heart-idly embrace the community religion then you were an outsider and treated as such. It did not matter if her parents were pillars in the community and selflessly served the community - she and her family - felt the brunt of this insane prejudice. Thus, my classmate had embraced nature religion as soon as she left that community - hurt, confused bitter - never to return.

Lets step back and look at this from a Spiritual stand point - with no prejudice - both of us ladies had been a regular participants of the Reiki practice circles, equally dedicated to personal wellness and know for unconditionally helping others as well. The only difference is the label that we both had loosely attached to us.

Let the lessons begin: in a Reiki class each student receives preliminary teaching about the vibration al shift that comes with committing to your Reiki Master level - each student receives an attunement to the new vibration al frequency. A chosen student then immediately stands up and goes to stand behind the chair of another student - places their hands upon the other students shoulders and allows the new vibration to flow thru them to their fellow student. Once this process is completed the first student takes a seat and the second stands up and process is repeated back to the first student.

Lets not forget that a challenge had been presented to me from "the Universe" and that a battle was still raging on in my mind and heart. The teacher asked who was going to be the first to channel the "new attunement" to the other.

My hand shot up and I said "I will", still in deep conflict - I stood, directed myself behind the chair of my friend and fellow Master student and placed my hands on her shoulders. As my palms touched her shoulders - a very distinct voice spoke to me and said "All is One" - I almost cried it was such a relief. I don't actually remember the rest of the class - I was so overwhelmingly relieved to receive that wisdom, insight and understanding of the situation - I now realize it was all about Unconditional Love of Creator to All of Creation....

Did the other class mate have anything happen in her life that would mark the Reiki Master initiation? Yes she did - we both did. We both ended up by the end of that day - with an abscessed tooth - which steadfastly refused to heal and ended in an extraction. Day 1 and 2 of the Reiki Master Class was 2 weeks apart. We both had ABRUPT changes take place in our lives. Day 2 Class was so much fun and from that day forward we always greeted each other with a HUG when we met at various events.

I look back fondly on this time in my life - from my stand point at this time 22 years later - this was just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, hind site is always 20/20 and I AM so Grateful that I have stayed the course.

If you are up for the challenge - Check out my Reiki Class listings on this website under Classes.

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