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Master Designation Clarified.....

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

I my last blog - I realized that I did not actually clarify Master class from Master Teacher designation and if I actually attained my Teacher designation during that class that was described.

Before I actually inquired about signing up for the Master class there was a lot of muddy water around what exactly one learned in Master class and exactly if one earned the Master Teacher designation in a Master class.

Of course I didn't actually ask my Reiki teacher to clarify the question on what exactly Reiki Master class was about - I was still a little nervous about asking my teacher a lot of questions. This nervousness was definitely something that took a while to clear from my belief system and energy fields. All my research on Master class came from books I had read - the internet was different in the late 1990's - all the other students I had talked with - had came to the same conclusion Master designation indeed was Teacher designation - we were so sure of this.

Well, we were wrong - a combination of our excitement and drive to learn more and the limited information available to us lead us to the wrong conclusion. As I said we should have just asked. Thank goodness the Universe knows the best course of action - "Masters is Not to be Entered into Lightly and is not for the Faint of Heart". I realize now that this level and the depth of the changes needed before one actually enters Teachers is HUGE....

I think this is a good place to give a little more history of modern day Reiki and what it was like in the late 1990's. At the time I entered Reiki training there were two distinct schools of thought regarding Reiki training.The first one being lead by Mrs. Takata who received her Reiki training directly from one of Dr. Usui's apprentices - Dr. Hyashi.

Dr. Usui has been credited with rediscovering Reiki. Reiki is said to have been around for thousands of years and some claim that it was even taught in elementary schools in Atlantis.

Mrs. Takata's group was called the Reiki Alliance - this group was fairly mysterious, very traditional and anally strict in their ways of teaching Reiki - this group had also charged exorbitant fees for their classes that were outside the reach of the general population.

This school of thought that this group espoused is a HUGE contrast to what I concluded when I read a book about Dr. Usui. In my research - I understood that Reiki training was more of an apprenticeship and that there was actually not an attunement process as there is today. The fee structure for a Reiki treatment was often paid using a barter system. Mrs. Takata's group taught Reiki in separate levels and there were limited attunements available to the student in each level and a lot of limitation taught about your abilities after receiving Reiki attunements.

In my opinion a lot of doubt and dependence on the teachers interpretation of an amazing spiritual practice was instilled in the students rather than empowerment to follow their own on board guidance system as well as those Reiki guides we were told came with our attunements.

As a Reiki teacher I have gathered a lot more information on the Alliance ways of teaching from students who came to me to continue their Reiki training. I was told on several occasions that the student had to "prove themselves to the teacher" and sometimes had to take months of extra tutoring from the teacher with extra fees attached.

I am pleased to report that when a student asks about another level - I do meet with the student and ask a few open ended questions at "no charge" and all the while the prospective student is talking - I am tuning into their motivation and "Heart". I never have had to refuse a student to date - it is a HUGE step to want to advance - in my opinion we are "called to advance" and the inner work that the Reiki consciousness leads you through automatically culls anyone who is just in it for the money.

The second school of thought - which I am so grateful I was enrolled in - was being lead by William Lee Rand - author of Reiki the Healing Touch. William's group was a break away group who were and still are dedicated Spiritual Healers with a driving intention to bring Reiki back to the planet for reasonable fees with Reiki being available to absolutely everyone who had the intention to learn and practice the way of Reiki. Williams group teaches Reiki Level One and Two together over a 2 day period - during this Level One/Two training one receives the empowerment attunements and becomes a Reiki practitioner. During this training one learns more about working with energy and is introduced to the concept of distance energy work.

I recognized the concept of Distance Energy work immediately - as it uses the same concept of prayer for someone, a situation or circumstance that one could neither see or touch - this in a nutshell is Distance Energy work or Remote Energy work.

Another concept one is introduced to in all Reiki classes is a concept of clearing energy from the energy field in through and around the physical body that includes the mental, emotional, spiritual layers. There are more layers than that but they are not taught in this class.

Masters is next level and Masters focuses on what is called Healing attunements - actually it is good practice for when one actually takes Teachers training as you will only have to make a few adjustments to this attunement process in order to deliver an empowerment attunement. Master Level also introduces you to going deeper into clearing energy from the physical, mental and emotional bodies as well. As I mentioned in my last blog about Master level Reiki the clean up process from the inside out continues on an accelerated path once one takes Masters so it can be a while before you are ready for Teachers. This is why I state in all my publications around Master level that Masters is not to be entered into lightly and definitely not for the faint of heart.

By the time one is ready to enter Teachers class it is almost a relief - many personal hurdles have been cleared - we have practiced our attunements - we can discern energy and clear and work with energy with ease. We are way more confident - I won't say over confident but we are in a place were we are READY and teachers is a natural progression for us. Once we achieve our Teacher designation we are given permission to develop our own teaching style and add small things to our Reiki class that will empower our students. We definitely do not delete any of the main principals but we definitely can add exercises that clearly demonstrate that "Everything is Energy".

As always all my blogs are my opinion based upon a lot of life experience and my own personal perceptions. Check out my Classes section on the website if you are interested in booking your Reiki class and experiencing my style of Reiki empowerment.

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