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Turn Off the Fear Machine - Feed Yourself Empowering Content from Positive Sources

We are now 2 plus months into this quarantine and the dark agenda is really invested in keeping the unaware dis empowered thru fear mongering platforms - social media and main stream (owned by the dark) media. The dark agendas lively hood actually depends upon the Energy of FEAR - it is a long story about why's and wherefores around how this group actually needs our fear to survive. The ones that depend upon our negative responses (death, pain, suffering and fear) amounts to about 1% of the population. We on the other had are the around 99% - the trouble is that a lot of that 99% of the population is still Asleep and stays asleep because many do not know they are being lied to and that they have been lied to all their lives. It starts from the day we are born - we are programmed thru the belief systems (personal truths) of our parents, community and global community. The lies became a way of life for us all and it was not until a personal wake up call (tragedy) that we even began to question the "social/global normal". Well, right now we are in what is being termed in my lane "The Global WAKE UP Call" - time to Turn off the Fear Machine and Feed Yourself Empowering Content from Positive Sources.

I have been AWAKE and AWARE for a LONG TIME. I have eluded to my EXIT from main stream belief systems very soon after my mom passed. I have worked hard and long on deprogramming myself and as the scales have fallen from my eyes and ears and heart - I began to communicate this new found Truth.

I have spoken about these various Truths with family and friends since then. Many have rolled their eyes, written me off as "really different" and a precious few share this knowledge base. The good news is that this "really different" knowledge base is taking wings and the dark agenda is being exposed on a "grand scale" - waking up the sleeping masses....

Over the last few weeks I have circulated petitions, signed petitions, posted "I DO NOT CONSENT" on my news feed on Facebook etc. basically being pro-active along with many who have recently "awakened" to the lies that are being fed to us continually thru the main stream media and various other channels. There truly is a "war raging for our mental and emotional energies". Truly we must realize that we must "Speak our Truth" and not remain silent - Silence is Consent by Default!!!

I AM Done with that part now - over the last few days I have been bombarded by well meaning Awake with Negative headlines - the time has come to Set our Intentions for a New Higher Vibrating Reality (our vision of Heaven on Earth) - we need to quit taking our prompts from the Fear Machine. Many do no know how to do this and that is OK - I get that - we need to realize that "what we focus on we - give consent to and lend our creative energies to create more of the same".

I have learned over the last few years to align with teachers who teach Empowerment to the Awake to help get them up on their own two feet and equipped to go out and Empower others as well. This truly is a noble profession - often no paying well - but the rewards are profound when we see others standing in their Personal Power and proclaiming "I Do Not Consent".

I Highly recommend a YouTube channel - The Soul Matrix by Steve Nobel all his work is High Vibration and Empowering. I currently recommend his Higher Light Decree: Moving Beyond 3D-4D timelines. Steve always posts the wording of these Decrees in the comment section.

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